300B Single Ended Integrated Amplifier - PHONO

The SE-300B MKII is the natural evolution of the SE-300B, sharing a line preamplifier and power amplifier. It is a single-ended integrated amplifier, pure class A, which includes both high signal and MM/MC phono inputs.

The equipment is manufactured by hand on a robust steel chassis that provides the necessary rigidity, while both the distribution of components, quality of details and finishes, give this amplifier a spectacular aesthetic.

The SE-300B MKII builds on a very high-end MM/MC phono preamp, with precise impedance matching and high gain. It continues with an impeccable line pre-amp -ZeroNoise-, which does not generate the slightest noise or hum. In the power stage, it incorporates 300B valves and BIAS auto-adjustment, which allows the valves’ working point to be optimal. While the output transformers, the result of years of experience, and manufactured with the highest quality magnetic sheet and grain oriented close an optimal electronic design. The result is an amplifier with exceptional musicality, warm, harmonious and realistic.


– Inputs : Phono, CD and AUX

– Input sensitivity (1W): Phono MM: 0.4mV, Phono MC: 0.04mV, CD: 57mV, AUX: 28mV

– Input sensitivity (maximum output): Phono MM: 1.14mV, Phono MC: 0.11mV, CD: 161mV, AUX: 79mV

– Signal-to-noise ratio (line inputs): 104 dB

– Signal-to-noise ratio (phono MM): 90 dB

– Signal-to-noise ratio (phono MC): 84 dB

– Frequency response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz ± 0.018dB

– Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): 0.03% at 1W

– Maximum power: 8.8W RMS

– Tubes : 4 x ECC83S, 2 x ECC81S and 2x300B with BIAS auto-adjustment.

– Components : IEC mains connector with antiparasitic filter, 10,000h-105ºC electrolytic capacitors, military quality PIO bypass capacitors, 1% metal film resistors, grain oriented EI power supply transformer, grain oriented EI output transformers with multiple interleaved windings, encapsulated transformers, gold-plated input connectors, gold-plated output connectors: cable up to 16mm2 or banana, ALPS potentiometers and switches, high emission power external heatsink, 300B PSVANE final valves, ECC81s and ECC83S JJ GOLD attack valves with shielding – selected and matched dBT valves -, decoupling feet, soldered with WBT 4% silver tin.

– Dimensions (mm): 510 x 220 x 370 (W x H x D)

– Weight : 25.9kg (without packaging)

– RRP : €3,615 (VAT included)

– Manufacturer warranty: 3 years