6C33 power stage

The powerful 6C33 power amplifier has been designed to unify power and precision in the same equipment. Following the line of the rest of the products we manufacture, it is a single-ended parallel assembly, pure class A, mounted on a single chassis with open-air transformers and colorful VU-meters.

The stage consists of independent power supplies for each channel that provide 100% stabilized and filtered polarization voltages, which has an impact on its high level of quality and reliability. In addition, the valves are designed with a self-polarization circuit so the valve always works in its precise point and does not require periodic BIAS adjustments.

In terms of sound response, the 6C33 valve is capable of bringing out all the nuances with large doses of power, which makes this stage extremely easy to combine with any snare drum, providing a balanced and forceful response.


– Input sensitivity (1W): 100mV

– Input sensitivity (maximum output): 790mV

– Signal-to-noise ratio: 88 dB

– Frequency response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz ± 0.025dB

– Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): 0.08% at 1W

– Maximum power: 58W RMS

– Tubes : 4xECC99, 2xECC81S and 4x6C33 with BIAS auto-adjustment.

– Components : IEC mains connector with antiparasitic filter, 10,000h-105ºC electrolytic capacitors, military quality PIO bypass capacitors, 1% metal film resistors, grain oriented EI power supply transformer, grain oriented EI output transformers with multiple interleaved windings, gold-plated input connectors, gold-plated output connectors: cable up to 16mm2 or banana, selected 6C33 SOVTEK end valves, ECC99 and ECC81S JJ GOLD attack valves with shielding – selected dBT matched valves -, solders with WBT 4% tin silver.

– Dimensions (mm): 590 x 290 x 450 (W x H x D)

– Weight : 34.6kg (without packaging)

– RRP : €4,400 (VAT included)

– PVP with WBT input output connectors and internal wiring VDH «The Waterfall»: €4,760 (VAT included)

– Manufacturer warranty: 3 years