Single Ended 300B Integrated Amplifier

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The SE-300B has been designed and manufactured under the premise of obtaining the highest quality and performance without any type of conditioning. With a refined construction and optimal components, it manages to obtain a defined and faithful sound, and an impeccable response. In essence it is a Single-Ended amplifier, pure class A, what makes it stand out is its refined design as well as the use of unbeatable components and manufacturing techniques at each stage.  

Details such as a power supply for the tubes, both high voltage and filament, fully stabilized and filtered with a separate and shielded power supply, PIO by-pass capacitors, gold-plated sockets, top-quality input-output connectors or power transformers. In-house designed and manufactured output, with grain oriented sheet metal and multiple interleaved windings, encapsulated in steel shielding, make this amplifier close to perfection.

The SE-300B is totally versatile, on the one hand the almost 9 W RMS provide enough power for low and medium output loudspeakers, while on the other hand the non-existent output noise values make it ideal for working with high output loudspeakers , all this together with the fact that the equipment has an output impedance selector for 4, 6 and 8 Ohms (other impedances on request).



–  Inputs:  CD, AUX 1 and AUX 2

–  Input sensitivity (1W) : AUX-1: 40mV, CD: 57mV, AUX-2: 28mV

–  Input sensitivity (maximum output) : 80mV

–  Signal-to-noise ratio:  104 dB

–  Frequency response:  20 Hz – 20 kHz ± 0.018dB

–  Total Harmonic Distortion (THD):  0.03% at 1W

–  Maximum power:  8.8W RMS

–  Tubes:  ECC83S, 2xECC81S and 2x300B with BIAS auto-adjustment.

–  Components:  IEC network connector with antiparasitic filter, electrolytic capacitors 10,000h-105ºC, military quality PIO step capacitors, 1% metal film resistors, EI grain oriented power transformer, EI grain oriented output transformers with multiple interleaved windings, encapsulated transformers, gold-plated input connectors, gold-plated output connectors: cable up to 16mm2 or banana, ALPS potentiometers and switches, high emission power external heatsink, 300B PSVANE final valves, ECC81s and ECC83S JJ GOLD attack valves with shielding – selected and matched dBT valves -, decoupling feet, soldered with WBT 4% silver tin.

–  Dimensions (mm):  410 x 220 x 370 (W x H x D)

–  Weight:   23.7kg (without packaging)

–  RRP:   €2,780 (VAT included)

–  Manufacturer warranty : 3 years.