Phono MM/MC Preamp

This MM/MC phono preamp is designed for the most demanding ears. It stands out for its precise and balanced response and for its ease of integration with any type of capsule at the input and integrated line/amplifier preamp at the output.

Following the line of the rest of the products, it has been designed with a double mono construction, integrated into a chassis for the power supply and another for the pre-amplifier itself. It is, surely, the most amplified tube phono preamp on the market, with a gain of 55.7dB in MM and 74.8dB in MC, in both cases adjustable via the front potentiometer and selectable MM/MC via rear switch. In the same way, it is a phono preamplifier with a very low noise level, thanks to a power supply and amplification electronics that are highly refined in its design and the selection of components in its assembly.

In summary, it is a phono preamp with great purity and sonority in the entire frequency range, with a showy and at the same time refined presentation.



– Tickets : MM and MC.

– Input sensitivity (1V) : Phono MM: 1.63mV, Phono MC: 0.18mV.

– Gain : Phono MM: 55.7dB, Phono MC: 74.8dB.

– Signal-to-noise ratio (phono MM): 73.1 dB

– Signal-to-noise ratio (phono MC): 92.2 dB

– Frequency response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz ± 0.4dB (RIAA)

– Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): 0.1%

– Maximum output: 30 V.

– Tubes : 2 x ECC83S, 2 x ECC82S.

– Components : IEC mains connector with antiparasitic filter, 10,000h-105ºC electrolytic capacitors, military quality PIO bypass capacitors, 1% metal film resistors, encapsulated toroidal power transformer, gold-plated input-output connectors, potentiometers and switches ALPS, ECC83s and ECC82S JJ GOLD tubes with shielding – selected and matched tubes dBT, solders with WBT 4% silver tin.

– Dimensions (mm) amplification section: 140 x 120 x 380 (W x H x D).

– Dimensions (mm) power supply: 140 x 80 x 380 (W x H x D).

– RRP : €1,360 (VAT included)

– Manufacturer warranty: 3 years